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  • What is a holistic practitioner and how to find one

    What is a holistic practitioner? And how to find one... What is a Holistic Health Practitioner? A holistic health practitioner is any health practitioner who focuses on a whole person approach. A whole [...]

  • Health Creation and Creative Health

    Health Creation and Creative Health Editorial by David Peters and Louise Younie JHH 20.2 Health Creation and Creative Health ‘Invention, it must be humbly admitted does not exist in creating out of void, but out [...]

  • What is Holism in Healthcare?

    What is Holism in Healthcare? What is Holism? Holism is the theory that parts of a whole are intimately interconnected, such that they cannot exist independently of the whole, and cannot be understood without reference [...]

  • Re-Imagining Medical Education – Survey

    Should medical schools be doing more to foster student wellbeing and flourishing? How can course content better prepare us for the foreseeable health challenges ahead? This really matters. Have your say and help grow [...]

  • Realistic hope – and its role in keeping us resilient in times of crisis

    Realistic hope – and its role in keeping us resilient in times of crisis From JHH 16.2 - Faith, Hope & Love in Healthcare - Summer 2019   Read the full article here or [...]


It's acupuncture awareness week! 8 Benefits of Traditional Acupuncture By Colette Assor Lic Ac MBAcC A British Acupuncture Council (BAcC) initiative [...]


A Fragile Essence: a Personal View [How] can holistic healthcare survive in an industrialised and commodified world?  Dr David Zigmond © [...]

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I have been working with a team from Barts and the London Medical and Dental School for a year, since the start of the pandemic, to set up and deliver a support programme called Connecting Practice. Many students had signed up to volunteer in the NHS and we knew they could be exposed to upsetting and aversive situations very early in their careers, given the numbers of very sick patients and tough working conditions...

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When we’re worn down by stress, anxiety and depression, it’s easy to forget the things we used to enjoy doing – or how to enjoy doing anything for that matter. While nature alone does not cure depression, anxiety or any other mental health problem, it is one part of a toolkit of coping strategies that can help us to manage our well-being. Here's how it can help...


A Message From The Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers As you move through these changing times… be easy on yourself and [...]


Diagnosis: are we medicalising human experience? Written by Vinay Mandagere, Medical Student at the University of Bristol Medicalisation is described [...]


Iceland late April Peter Owen-Jones These planks these bricks and buildings begged with fish wrenched from night and wool heaved [...]


Odyssey Fiona Hamilton   She walks out one morning heading for the river’s shelves of flint and chert  passing a scarlet [...]


I have set myself the task of generating ideas that might help the BHMA in its 20th anniversary ‘business plan’[i]. I [...]


Introduction Primary health care is in a process of rapid change driven principally by the government, the pharmaceutical industry and the [...]