Spring has come and it’s time for a celebration! 2018 marks the 35th year of the BHMA and what better time to build a new strategic vision for the future, and keep growing our organisation from strength to strength.

A big thank you to all supporters and members, old and new for perseverance and trust. Rooting for holistic medicine, through thick and thin, is an amazing achievement on its own. But we’ve collectively done more than that. We have nurtured a thirst for, and dialogue about, holistic medicine. We’ve done this through many initiatives over those 35 years, including our most cherished Journal of Holistic Healthcare (watch out for its 15th Anniversary next year!).

We look back with pride but need to look forward with energy and new ideas. Our future vision, is to expand and widen our reach by disseminating our journal more widely both nationally and internationally. We will continue to engage with a diversity of healthcare professions and the public to generate a dialogue surrounding holistic healthcare.

We will be in touch with our members soon with a consultation on our new road map and a chance to support us in shaping a new vision for the BHMA for the next 35 years.