Wiki names BHMA in Top Five associations championing medical professionals.

Our thanks Wiki-Ezvid (California-based Wiki) for choosing the BHMA to be in your Top Five alongside four US-based organisations.

Here is what they wrote about us:

Coming in at #4 is the British Association for Holistic Medicine and Healthcare. This group is focused on supporting an inclusive community of healthcare professionals and educating both doctors and the public about the principles of compassionate practice.

Previously known as the British Holistic Medical Association, the group helps communities build resilience and focus on well-being, and provides doctors and nurses who are at a higher risk of burnout with much-needed support. The organization also strives to ensure that the modern system works for the 3 P’s, which stand for Practitioner, Patient, and Planet.

To read the full article and watch the video go to: Five Associations Championing Medical Professionals