How the BHMA is promoting Creativity and Flourishing in Medicine

Over 20 students published in Journal of Holistic Healthcare

In a milestone achievement for the flourishing team, over 20 students have been published in the Journal of Holistic Healthcare (JHH).

The JHH promotes a more effective holistic practice, considering a more compassionate and collaborative approach to healthcare. Students have published their creative enquiry works and reflections, considering themes like ‘Flourishing in Medical Education’, ‘Journeys into Medicine’, and ‘Health Creation’.

This remarkable achievement not only reflects the outstanding calibre of our students but also underscores their profound dedication to advancing holistic healthcare practices.

Published in September 2023, Rebecca Walker’s piece ‘Self-care Revisited’ contributed to the theme of ‘Health creation and Creative Health’.

To access complimentary volumes of the JHH published up to 2022 and explore the latest releases available for purchase, kindly visit here.

This article is originally published in Flourishing Spaces.