What We Do

The British Association for Holistic Medicine & Health Care is a membership charity which aims to promote holistic practice. Our vision is for a more person-centred, sustainable and compassionate approach to healthcare and health creation.

The BHMA is a forum for sharing information and a network for mutual support. For almost 20 years, we have published a journal which highlights new ways to offer holistic healthcare. We engage with doctors, nurses, carers, community groups, patients and all who hope to see whole-person health and healthcare move forward. In our turbulent times of uncertainty and change the BHMA is a catalyst. We exist to promote health and wholeness in individuals (whether patients or health workers) and communities and nourish green shoots of whole-system change for the wellbeing of people and planet.

We support

We help the medical and healthcare community to build resilience and self-care as well as gain professional development by sharing events, courses and guidance. We are committed to providing opportunities for people to learn more about holistic practice and creating a collective voice for those seeking to change the way healthcare is delivered.

We connect

With our online community, forums and events, we bring together like-minded people to share thoughts and ideas and introduce new possibilities. Our members include medical practitioners, allied health professionals, academics, complementary practitioners and the public.

We share resources

Via our journal and website, we publish the best examples of holistic healthcare and encourage new thinking and debate. We act as a beacon for community health projects across the UK. By showing how these projects are delivered and their positive impacts, we offer real solutions, hope and empowerment to others. Browse our articles & blogs or become a member to freely download our all of our Journals.

We explain

The concept of holism can be difficult to understand, especially in a world driven by complexity, process and regulation. By encouraging conversations about what it is and how to get back to a broader view of health that recognises complexity, we aim to take the fear out of the unknown and return to more nurturing practices.

We have produced a comprehensive course which explores all aspects of being a holistic practitioner.