A new cosmology of consciousness and science of love

Jude Currivan, Cosmologist, author and co-founder WholeWorldView

Published in JHH 18.3-Shifting the paradigm

The origin of the word health, the Old English hǣlth, relates to wholeness. When we’re healthy, we’re whole, and when we feel whole, we’re healthy. To be healthy, though, depends, not only on how we see and experience ourselves, but also how we view the world around us.

Our global world view has hitherto been based on science’s paradigm of materialism and separation. Its technologies have enabled us to probe further and at smaller and larger scales than ever before. They’ve enabled us to communicate as a global species, like never before. And yet this cosmology describes a universe devoid of meaning and bereft of purpose. It considers evolution as being initiated by random mutations and treats immaterial mind and consciousness as somehow arising from material brains.

I would suggest that this fragmented rather than wholistic perspective is our collective and most fundamental disease. Its fractured and fractious viewpoint has driven a world of suffering of both people and our planetary home, with consequential collective trauma and with dysfunctional behaviours that have progressively become dangerously unhealthy and which are now unsustainable.

Leading-edge scientific evidence at all scales of existence and across numerous fields of research is, however, now revealing that the limited perspective of this ‘old’ science is inherently wrong. Instead, wide-ranging discoveries are pointing to a radically different perception of reality that’s converging with universal spirituality and ancient and indigenous wisdom teachings into an integral and wholeworld-view of the nature of reality.

While deep clues to this understanding are founded in quantum and relativistic physics and the laws of thermodynamics, this new perception goes much further. Its revolutionary insights are showing a universe whose appearance, of energy and matter, space and time, emerge from deeper levels of causation and that it exists and evolves as a non locally interconnected and unified entity and encompasses multidimensional realms of sentience far more than are embodied in its material appearance.

‘The Universe begins to look more like a great thought than like a great machine. Mind no longer appears to be an accidental intruder into the realm of matter… we ought rather hail it as the creator and governor of the realm of matter.’

James Hopwood Jeans, The Mysterious Universe

Above all, and revealing its primary nature, this new science is discovering that mind and consciousness aren’t something we have but what we and the whole world are. To paraphrase the eminent Victorian scientist Sir James Jeans and also reflected in the views of 20th century pioneers such as
Max Planck, Ervin Schrodinger, Albert Einstein and David Bohm, our universe in its entirety is more like a great thought of cosmic mind rather than a great thing.

This emergent cosmology of consciousness is showing that everything in our universe is in relationship with everything else. It describes how cosmic mind, articulated in a universal language of digitised and vitally meaningful information and pixelated at the most minute Planck scale of existence, informs the entirety of our universe. The so-called holographic principle, extending research from black holes to a universal scale, is providing compelling evidence that its informed reality also manifests as a cosmic hologram.

This is reflected in our whole universe being embodied in dynamic self-similar fractal patterns and holarchically organised parts, the mathematical signatures and relational patterns and processes of which are being found from cosmology, physics and chemistry, to biology, complex systems and in collective human behaviours. Such patterning occurs at enormously differing scales of existence, from individual atoms to vast, galactic clusters and on our planetary level underpins phenomena as varied as earthquakes and human conflicts, ecosystems and the internet.

Beginning not in the implied chaos of a big bang but as a beautifully ordered and incredibly fine-tuned first moment of an ongoing big breath crucially also reveals a universe that, as space expands from its minute birth and time flows, embodies a profound evolutionary impulse. From its initial simplicity to complexity and increasing levels of individuated self-awareness, it has evolved from hydrogen atoms to planetary systems and the emergence of biological lifeforms.

Offering a unifying framework, this wholeworld-view naturally encompasses a science of whole-person healing. It recognises that as informational beings, disease results from disruptions and disturbances to our healthy informational processes and flows; mental, emotional and physical. Consequentially, it supports a wholistic approach, with modalities that utilise the innately vibrational, resonant and coherent properties of such biofield integration and treats health issues accordingly.

This emergent cosmology of consciousness, and new science of love, encourages us to come together to link up and lift up, to share new stories of love and hope in action. And its wholeworld-view naturalises and empowers our innate abilities of intuition, of supernormal awareness, such as telepathy and remote cognition and communication with other and multidimensional realms of sentience.

Beyond our personal health, this universal narrative invites us to envision, co-create, experience and embody new stories of unity in diversity and of how we each and all belong and each and all have meaning and purpose within and as micro – cosmic co-creators of our living universe.

In doing so, it also helps us to acknowledge, heal and release the traumas that our collective illusion of separation has incurred. In addition to our own inner healing and the healing of our behaviours towards each other, it also and vitally supports healing of our fractured relationship between ourselves and our planetary home, Gaia and the multidimensional web of life she nurture.

On an even greater scale, such healing reminds us and re-hearts us that we stand on the bow wave of the evolutionary impulse of our entire universe. Empowering us to act local, feel global and think cosmic, this is our moment of choice; to remain un-healed in the illusion of separation, or to heal ourselves and our relationships with the whole world.