Our Three Ps

We place these three Ps, ‘Practitioner, Patient and Planet,’ at the heart of everything we do. They dance together. You yourself might be both practitioner and patient in your current context. Perhaps your experience as a patient led you to train in health. And one sure thing we all have in common is this that we all live on Planet Earth. Whole health requires a deep acknowledgement that humans are part of nature, not separate and certainly not above it.


Whether you are a complementary practitioner working privately, or a doctor, nurse or other Health Care Practitioner within the NHS, you are one of the humans who shares this holistic vision. It is often in the small day-to-day changes that transformation happens. We hope to inspire and share practical ways to weave holistic practice into the daily routine of our members.


We know a patient-centric model is important. Not, however, at the expense of the practitioner. The value of therapeutic rapport is made up of the human interaction between practitioner and patient. So, a holistic system needs to support all parties. Healthy boundaries are important.


Remembering we are temporary visitors on this planet. Our vision includes guardianship of the environment. Living in reverence rather than in disregard of Mother Earth. Humanity and humility are the qualities to embrace and to practice. How can we be consistent in these? No-one has all the answers, but discussion and engagement help us raise the collective tone.