Shifting the pattern
Bill Sharpe

Unleashing health communities – stop building health centres
Dan Hopewell

Changing the world one community at a time – the growth of an idea and the arrival of the orchids
William House

Integrating the art of healing with the science of curing
Paul Dieppe, Sara L Warber and Emmylou Rahtz

The lost art of being with death
Hermione Elliott

Nature as therapy – Is nature-connection the antidote to the stresses and impacts of contemporary life?
Pat Fleming

Transformative innovations for health
A gathering of change-makers

Darkness, life-compassion and the seeds of transformation
Notes and results from the front line of The Healing Shift Enquiry
David Reilly

Making (sacred) space for staff renewal and transformation
Rev Stephen Wright

Lifestyle medicine education – an answer to chronic disease?
John Sykes

Music, medical school and curating wellbeing
Jayne Garner