JHH/BHMA/CoM student survey

Inspiring a radical approach to primary care
Professor Sir Sam Everington and JHH editor in chief David Peters
in conversation

Leadership in the wilderness: a short course in tight conditions
Trevor Thompson, Jeremy Le Fevre, Tara Hart, Saaketh Nerellakunta, Priya Basnet and Daksh Bhatnagar

The bodymind matters
Simon Lewis

The lost update Exploring the missing curriculum with primary care professionals: 2019–2022
Andrew Morrice

How to enhance medical lifestyle education
Elizabeth Thompson, Muz Ali Khan and Milly Hooper

Bullying, hierarchy and safe space
Sabrina Gauchen

Encountering homelessness
Isobel Conibear

Looking after our own wellbeing
Rahul Ganguly

Then and now: see it, say it, sorted – to tell, or not to tell
David Zigmond

What is co-creation and why is it so valuable to the future of medical education?
Louise Younie

Reflecting on reflective practice – innovations and traditions
Michael Zervos

‘Balint’ groups for general practice trainees: good for doctors and good for patients
Jonathan Gore

A place for Buddhist wisdom in modern medical education and clinical training
Sally Doust

From the frontline
Jonathon Tomlinson


Research you may have missed