Flourishing through creative enquiry: humanising the medical experience – Louise Younie

Flourishing through creative practice during the Covid-19 lockdowns  – Sabina Dosani

Why addressing the emotional lives of medical students is essential to their education – Lucy Marks

 Art objects in conversation with psychiatrists at the Ashmolean Museum – Maria Grazia Turri and Gregory Hilton

Softening the landing – Hugh Grant Peterkin

Waves  – Freya Elliott

Walking together – Harris Nageswaran, Hester Toovey and Grace Catchpole

Just remember I love you – Jess Thomerson

Things I would rather do – Kane Benjamin Alexander

Finding time to create – Mashael Ishaque

Human flourishing in medical education – Hester Toovey

Until the last breath – Shakira Irfan

Painting the doctor–patient relationship – Inova Shun Wah Lee

Thriving through connection – Alex Bache

Flourishing in medical education – Ben Rose

The first wave – Simon Hall

Ten years on – Tom Cassidy

We do not yet see clearly but hope is gold – Rachel Handley

Wise doctors: what can they teach us about flourishing? – Sabena Jameel

Joyful doctors – bringing creativity back into medicine – Emily Fulleylove and Caroline Walker

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