Ecological pilgrimage
Peter Reason

A journey through cancer
Chris Drury

The pilgrimage to Santiago – the talking walking cure
Paul Donovan

Thoughts while on an Everest England pilgrimage
Peter Owen Jones

The return
Poem by Peter Owen Jones

from ANAMNESIS – the remembering of soul
Poem by Jay Rayner

Dying – the final journey
Peter Fenwick

Pilgrimage at the end of life
Deborah Kelly

Pilgrimage as a pathway to healing for humans
A gathering of change-makers
Mandy Pullen

8 steps on a journey to healing
Frances Goodall

Voyaging into the aboriginal world
Bruce Parry with David Peters

On granite ankles, in the lungs of gods
Dave King

A shaman’s journey
Evelyn M Brodie

Creating Pukka herbs
Sebastian Pole

We are not aloneThe healing shadow of the other
David Zigmond