Why we need a movement to develop community-oriented integrated practice
Paul Thomas


Policies to support compassionate communities
Lord Nigel Crisp

What is community-orientated integrated practice?
Paul Thomas, Laura Calamos, David Colin-Thomé & Kurt C Stange

How might we cultivate flourishing spaces?
Louise Younie

The cracks
Sarah Mandourah

Growing younger
Freya Qureshi

Teaching health equity for medical students – exploring student and GP tutors’ perspectives
Rohini Sabherwal & Dev Gadhvi

Restoring humanism into the medical curriculum: a success story at a Spanish university
Jonathan McFarland, Manuel Pera & Joaquim Gea

The Yoga4NHS staff wellbeing programme
Paul Fox

Is meditation the medicine that medics need?
A meeting with a Dhamma Doctor, Durga Mani
Hugo Jobst

Deep listening – a perspective

Introducing Su Ha – a practice for personal and collective wellbeing in an age of climate crisis
Chris Johnstone

Holistic evaluation
Paul Thomas

21st century health and social care
David Colin-Thomé

From the frontline
Jonathon Tomlinson