The change journey

Spring 2016
Chris Johnstone

Decades ago, I went to an empowerment workshop that changed my life. It taught me to question the inner voice saying ‘there’s nothing I can do’. I discovered instead ‘the journey approach to change’, which I later described in my first book Find Your Power (2010).Working initially as a GP, then in addictions recovery and mental health, and now as an author, trainer and coach, I see empowerment as the central thread of what I’ve done and do. I am grateful to the many guides I’ve followed, particularly Patrick Pietroni, Joanna Macy and Martin Seligman.

First Paragraph

Our sense of what we can or cannot do doesn’t only depend on what’s physically possible. It is also shaped by the degree to which we’re empow- ered. When looking at 21st century healthcare challenges such as, for example, depression, smoking and the impact of social or environmental conditions, are we missing an opportunity by not paying more attention to what helps people become empowered to change? This article explores insights and practices that might help.