From health inequalities to ‘nature deficit disorder’

Spring 2015
David Peters

Editor-in-chief, JHH


Our inter-locked, unsustainable business, agricultural, energy and healthcare systems, are over-reliant on high carbon consumption and lifelong ‘preventive’ chemical input. In our ‘obesogenic culture’ Big Food industry products perpetuate dependency on Big Pharma’s high-profit lifelong drug regimes. But better farming, better food, active transport systems, urban green spaces and access to the natural world can build health and resilience. Synergy is at the heart of this kind of joined up healthcare, but our political system makes synergy hard to achieve.

First Paragraph

According to JP, if only we could start getting the health story right we might at the same time find many answers emerging to sustainability problems. Because by setting out to view health policy in the light of climate change, far-reaching social and public health solutions begin to come into view, and vice versa. This synergy is a source of cultural energy for transformation which JP has written a book about.