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The true potential of social prescribing, by Marion Steiner

When I first trained as a GP, we had got as far as acknowledging that psychosocial factors had to be taken into account in the consultation, and that the way doctors communicate exerts a crucial influence on medical treatment outcomes. So far, so passive! Several steps on from this, we now see that patients too are critically involved in this process and what they believe they need in order to feel better is a huge factor… Read more

Social Prescribing

Whatever else its merits, Social Prescribing provokes conversations about non-medical options for improving health and tackling long-term illness. Now the cat is out of the bag, the demand is bound to grow, and though its effectiveness on a large scale has yet to be established, early adopters like its common sense appeal. This Journal contains a host of perspectives and experiences of social prescribing, from connecting communities, to embracing arts, music and the natural world.

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We are delighted to be able to offer everyone a free download of one of our journals to mark the 35th year of the BHMA. This edition is themed transformative innovation in healthcare and considers the possibilities for a different future for healthcare. It includes a range of stimulating articles including Bill Sharpe’s take on how to make and sustain system change;  building health communities, not health centres by Dan Hopewell;  reconnecting with nature by Pat Fleming; and empowering the dying by Hermione Elliott.

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