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About the Journal

The Journal of Holistic Healthcare is a UK based journal circulated to members of the BHMA, focusing on evidence based practice and the practical implications of research in holistic health and social care. Its target audience is the full range of healthcare practitioners, CAM practitioners, health service providers, policy makers, commissioners and researchers in the field.

Anyone interested in Holistic Healthcare can become a member of the BHMA in order to gain access to journals. A sample journal is also freely available to download. Members can access both the current issue of the Journal on-line as well as back issues dating back to May 2004. 

The Journal typically includes detailed case examples of successful holistic practice and services, research findings and methodologies, evidence of effective practice, and commentaries on policy and service developments in the field. Our aim is to establish a high-quality source of information and good practice examples for anyone interested in holistic health, including policy-makers, practitioners and lay people. Our intention is to link theory to practice. The Journal is intended to be accessible and readable as well as challenging. Key articles will link theory and research to practice and policy development. Contributions from a variety of disciplines are welcome.

To contribute to the Journal of Holistic Healthcare please download the Contributors Guidelines: short version or full version. To advertise please email our administrator, Jill Herrett: .


Issue 14.3 – Autumn 2017
Men’s Health


Issue 14.2 – Summer 2017
Women’s Health


Issue 14.1 – Spring 2017
Children’s Health


Issue 13.3 – Winter 2016
Saving the NHS


Issue 13.2 – Summer/Autumn 2016
Nutrition and lifestyle


JHH13.1 frontIssue 13.1 – Spring 2016
Shaping the Invisible


JHH_Vol12-3Issue 12.3 – Winter 2015
Beyond peak medicine?


JHH_Vol-12.2Issue 12.2 – Summer 2015
Works that reconnect

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JHH_Vol-12.1-3Issue 12.1 – Spring 2015
Future horizons

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Issue 11.3 – Winter 2014/15
Resistance and Resilience

Issue 11.2 – Autumn 2014
Active Hope for healthcare

Issue 11.1 – Spring 2014
Compassion – leading from the front


Issue 10.3 – Winter 2013
Wisdom in Medicine

Issue 10.2 – Autumn 2013
Medicine – craft or industry?

Issue 10.1 – Spring 2013
The NHS – who cares?

Issue 9.3 – December 2012
Holistic Learning

Issue 9.2 – August 2012
Words in Medicine

Issue 9.1 – May 2012
Healthy Ageing

Issue 8.3 – December 2011
Compassion and empathy in healthcare

Issue 8.2 – August 2011
Climate change

Issue 8.1 – May 2011
Death and dying

Issue 7.3 – Dec 2010

Issue 7.2 – Oct 2010

Issue 7.1 – May 2010

JHH6-3Issue 6.3 – Nov 2009
Medicine as if people matter

JHH6-2Issue 6.2 – Aug 2009

JHH6-1Issue 6.1 – May 2009

JHH5-4Issue 5.4 – December 2008

JHH5-3Issue 5.3 – September 2008

JHH5-2Issue 5.2 – May 2008

JHH5-1Issue 5.1 – Feb 2008
Modern times

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