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Powerful ideas and practical information to refresh your thinking and practise

An engaging and thought-provoking two days of presentations and discussions to bring you up-to-date with topics that go to the heart of GPs’ work as ‘Expert Generalists’: topics that drug reps, consultants or other update courses are unlikely to cover.


The course includes…

• Ways of cutting through the complexity of modern health care to focus on the things that will make the biggest difference across the board, genuinely empowering patients and avoiding medicalising their difficulties.

• How thinking, feeling, emotion and physiology are linked, the three main physiological emotional responses and their relevance to what we do all day, every day.

• How and why CBT works, despite being based on an out-of-date theory of brain function, why sometimes patients find it hard work, and where Mindfulness fits in.

• The basic principles to demystify the whole “microbiome thing” and what this may mean for our practice in the future

• A guide to the trendy but potentially mystifying topic of ‘chronic inflammation’.

• New insights into depression, new (and more satisfying) ways to respond to and help depressed patients, including an understanding of the role of inflammation in depression. And why this needn’t be about prescribing drugs.

• And much more…


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