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Free Live Online Training Event  

“The 3 Keys to Thriving in a Caring Profession”

on Wednesday, 25th January  at 7pm

The 3 Keys to Thriving in a Caring Profession

Discover How to Feel Empowered, Recharge Your Energy, and Reignite the Love for Your Life and Work.

A FREE Online Training Event with Sarah Kuipers, MSc, Teacher, Resilience Coach and Author of the #1 Bestseller The Thriving Giver: 7 Principles for Health Professionals and Caregivers.

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You know deep down that it is possible to both give of your best at work AND thrive in your own life. You want to feel resilient, motivated, and look forward to going to work… each and every day. You would love to feeling calm and confident, even when working under pressure.

Whether you are a doctor, nurse, dentist, physiotherapist, or mental health professional, unrealistic workloads or staff shortages may have led you to feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, or worried about burning out.

With your innate tendency to take care of everyone else, it’s easy for you to fall into the OVER-GIVER SYNDROME.

Your concern for the wellbeing of others makes it even more difficult to set clear boundaries or allow yourself time to stop, relax, or replenish. In your training, you may never have been taught how to manage stress effectively, nor the importance of self-care.

But… once you recognize that self-care is the fuel that allows your light to shine, it becomes so much easier to cope with high levels of pressure and stress.

When you thrive, you give from a space of replenishment, and it’s sustainable.

In this online training, you will learn 3 keys to thriving as a health or care professional:

KEY #1: Overcome Your Self-Care Saboteurs: Give yourself the same level of care that you give others so you are fully recharged to be of greater service to family, patients and friends.

KEY # 2: Switch on Your Inner Radar: Develop awareness of your priorities to restore wellbeing so you can create a balanced and nurturing life for yourself.

KEY #3: Cultivate Your Personal Resilience Strategies: Discover how to master stress, replenish your energy and nourish body, mind and spirit, so you thrive at home and work.


Sarah Kuipers: Sarah ran a successful practice as a hypnotherapist for over 20 years, before the challenges of juggling work alongside bringing up three boys as a single mother, finally led to burnout. After taking a 3-month sabbatical, Sarah carried out an MSc in Research studying stress and burnout in health professionals. Now, she is passionate about sharing her knowledge and expertise and welcomes the opportunity to help you replenish, and rekindle the love for your life and work so that you can share a balanced and joyful presence with those in your care.

As an author, lecturer, trainer and resilience coach, Sarah has over a decade of experience teaching the 7 Thriving Giver Principles to nursing and medical students, doctors and other health care professionals.

What People Are Saying About Sarah…

Sarah Kuipers has created a rich, detailed and deeply valuable formula to go from a life of depleting, soul and body destroying, one-way caring relationships, to a balance of other care and self-care.”

Thomas Skovholt, Psychologist and Co-author of The Resilient Practitioner

After compassion fatigue led me to complete burnout, Sarah’s gentle guidance enabled me to return to my passion, delivering outstanding care to patients, despite the overwhelming workload. I now feel energized, empowered and fulfilled, and my beautiful little family is thriving.”

Claire Garner, RN, Accident and Emergency

Sarah’s work literally changed my life. I plucked up the courage to request changes at work and to push through the resistance I met. After a month in a new role, I’m happier, have more energy, and love my work again.

Leigh Forbes, Care Worker in Adult Social Care





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