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Cultivate Your Resilience and Restore Balance to Prevent Caregiver Burnout

A 7-Week LIVE Online Course with Sarah Kuipers, MSc, Teacher, Resilience Coach, and Author of the #1 Bestseller The Thriving Giver: 7 Principles for Health Professionals and Caregivers

Discover the 7 Thriving Giver Principles and potent tools to feel empowered, recharge your energy, and reignite the love for your life and work

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You know deep down that it is possible to both give wholeheartedly AND thrive in your own life.
If you’re like me, you want to feel empowered and look forward to going to work… each and every day.
Imagine… feeling replenished and rekindling your motivation.
Imagine… feeling calm and confident, even when working under pressure.
Imagine… being empowered, energized and enjoying your life to the full.
Whether you are a nurse, doctor, physiotherapist, dentist, chiropractor, social worker, mental health professional or family caregiver, the challenge is that unrealistic workloads or staff shortages may have resulted in you feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, or troubled by constant worrying thoughts.
You might be experiencing compassion fatigue, or have started to dread going to work.
Perhaps you’re feeling upset with yourself for becoming angry or irritable instead of being compassionate.
You might be wondering how much longer you can cope with the prolonged stress and are fearful of burning out. Or, you may be taking time off from work right now.
Throughout your training, the emphasis was always on taking care of others. You may never have been taught how to manage stress effectively, nor the importance of self-care.



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