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8-week online course

Would you like to grow in life satisfaction while also making a difference in the world? Would you like to feel more steady and settled in yourself, but find that hard, particularly when alarmed by world events? Would you be interested in a wellbeing practice that might take just a few minutes each day, which brought personal benefits while also contributing to a cultural shift to decarbonise the pursuit of happiness?

Su Ha is a new hybrid approach to wellbeing that doesn’t involve turning away from what’s difficult, but instead is about bringing out our best responses to the challenges of our time and developing a more satisfying life that is good for ourselves, other people and the world.

Su Ha stands for SUstainable HAppiness, though it goes further than that. Drawing together evidence-based wellbeing approaches and change-making skills, its central goal is to support the flourishing of life in ourselves, other people and our world. Its focus on how our actions and choices can generate ripples of benefit supporting wellbeing not just in ourselves, but also for other people and our world. It can be applied as a personal practice, as a guiding framework for coaching or mutual support conversations, as well as within groups.

This eight-week online course features live webinars, one to one conversations and an accompanying online resource to introduce five core themes and eight key topics of Su Ha, each week looking at a different topic, as shown in the diagram below.

Su Ha themes4.jpg

– This course starts on Wednesday 18th Sept 2024

– It involves a series of eight weekly webinars of 90 minutes each on Wednesdays

– Webinars start at 7.30pm UK time, 11.30am US PT, 2.30pm US ET, 8.30pm Europe CET. For other timezones please see (please note UK end of daylight saving time may alter time in some time zones in Week 7)

– The course is accompanied by an interactive online resource with additional videos, a discussion forum and downloadable handouts. For those who’d like this, there’s is an option for one to one partnered practices.

– To give a more personal touch, the course also includes two 30 minute one to one Su Ha conversations with the trainer Dr Chris Johnstone. The first of these is near the start of the course, and the second at the end.

If you would love to do this course, but the price stands in the way, we would welcome you to join us on a ‘pay what you can’ basis, where you make an offer of what you can reasonably afford. Please contact us if you’d like to take this up.

For more information – check the website here.

*BHMA members can get £50 off – join us to get the code.


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