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As humans we have been divided from the body for thousands of years, taught by our culture to shroud its intelligence in neglect and Iive in our heads. When we withdraw from the body like that we habituate to a state of division in which we also feel divided from nature, the world around us, and the life of this earth.

Is this for you?

Join us for a 2 day workshop with pioneering embodiment specialist Philip Shepherd on a rare visit to the UK. He will lead us through gentle, simple and original practices that soften the divisions we unconsciously hold in our bodies. As the body’s intelligence is unlocked, it opens us to nature, to the present moment and to each other. This workshop will not only reconnect us to ourselves and our natural kinship with the world, it will provide us with practices we can return to for years to come.

Join us in the beautiful wilding valley of Embercombe for this very unique opportunity to work with Philip, in a small-group residential setting. All of Philip’s practices are designed to help us become more present: to ourselves, to each other, and to the world that holds our lives. Philip has characterized the nature of the present as “a wild peace.” To become fully present is to discover the peace in which you rest and the wildness that courses through you – the same qualities that suffuse nature, which is eternally at peace and unstoppably wild. By coming home to the body, home to the present, we discover kinship in every blade of grass, every birdsong, every passing cloud.

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Key information:

9th – 11th May  2pm – 6pm

£380 – full residential price

Limited bursary places are available for £310 on application

10% discount if you sign up to the embercombe newsletter


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