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Healthcare professionals are among the most highly pressured occupational groups, the impact of toxic stress falling not just on staff, but also is costly to the health service and harmful to patient care. The NHS staff survey for 2018 showed 39.8% of staff reported feeling unwell in the past year as a result of work related to stress. With over 30% of staff sickness absence linked to stress, anxiety and depression, the annual cost to the health service is estimated at over £300 million. Could personal and organisational approaches to building resilience help protect staff wellbeing and reduce this cost? As stress, anxiety and depression are common in patients too, could an increased understanding of how to build resilience also bring benefits to patient care?

Resilience training has been shown to help protect against depression, anxiety and stress related harm, with research showing not only mental health gains, but also performance benefits. At the same time, there is understandable concern that relying on personal strategies is an inadequate response to deteriorating conditions of work. Both personal and organizational strategies are needed.

This one-day conference brings together leading authorities from the emerging field of resilience building in individuals, teams and organisations. We will discuss the latest best practice designed to protect well-being, applying this to health professionals working in high pressure environments. We will look at personal, team-based and organisational interventions, including exploring the role of self-compassion to counter self-critical rumination and ergonomics to improve working conditions.


  • Highlighting the importance of tackling toxic stress in healthcare working environments
  • Strengthening understanding of the range of interventions supporting personal, team and organisational resilience
  • Bringing together practitioners in the field to stimulate mutual learning and sharing of best practice
  • To protect, maintain and improve well-being of healthcare professionals working in high pressure environments
  • To increase familiarity with evidence-based resilience building interventions and the value of integrating resilience building within healthcare delivery


This conference is particularly suitable for:

Health care and medical care practitioners experiencing stressful working conditions who wish to protect their own well-being, as well as learn strategies to pass on to patients and colleagues. Health care educators wanting to equip the next generation of practitioners with effective self-care strategies to protect their wellbeing. Health care managers, human resources staff and those in leadership roles wanting to improve the safety of working conditions and the organisational costs of toxic stress.

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