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We are pleased to support the Integrative Health Convention returning in 2022 with a one-day virtual event on 11 February culminating in the Complementary Therapy Awards ceremony. 

You can book your early bird ticket now HERE for just £47 and hear from expert keynotes to understand how complementary therapies and lifestyle/wellness services are integrating with conventional medicine to enhance patient care:

Paul Mckenna, behavioural scientist and hypnotist

Dr John Demartini, human behaviour expert, author, global educator and the founder of the Demartini Method

Carrie Grant MBE, Broadcaster, Vocal and Leadership Coach and Campaigner

Dr Anthony Abbagnano, Founder, Alchemy of Breath

Dr Michael Dixon, Chair, The College of Medicine

Dr Harald Stossier, author and Director, VIVAMAYR Maria Worth clinic

Dr Angela Goyal, Founder, Inspired Medics

Dr Toh Wong, GP, hypnotherapist, acupuncturist, NLP & NLH Trainer & Convention organiser

Dr Naveed Akhtar, GP, hypnotherapist, acupuncturist, NLP & NLH Trainer & Convention organiser

Frances Collier, Physical Consultant (Body Specialist, Movement Coach, Dancer) Bodylistics® 


There will be time to network with others, making connections with old friends and new, becoming part of a movement in the growing field of Integrative Health in the UK that believes in real alternatives that work with and alongside conventional medicine to support a new future direction for the health services.


This is a unique learning experience, hearing from these leading, pioneering doctors and therapists on therapies and services, integrating with conventional medicine. And as part of the experience you will be entitled to receive a certificate of attendance to claim up to 6 hours of CPD after the Convention.


For those of you in the world of complementary therapy we invite you to share your own practice by entering the Complementary Therapy Awards. This awards programme will capture and celebrate the vital contribution of complementary therapy to the health and wellbeing of people throughout the UK. 

The Convention and Awards are supported by the College of Medicine and the Integrated Medicine Alliance and the media partner is UK Health Radio. Included in the ticket price is one year’s membership of the College of Medicine for new members.

To book your place at the Integrative Health Convention 2022 and enter the Complementary Therapy Awards please visit www.integrativehealthconvention.co.uk

Key dates:

  • 15 November: Entries for the Complementary Therapy Awards close 
  • 10 December: if you book your Convention ticket by midnight 10 December you can take advantage of the early bird discount.  
  • 11 February: Integrative Health Convention and Complementary Therapy awards ceremony

We look forward to connecting with you at the Integrative Health Convention and Complementary Therapy Awards on 11 February.


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