10.00:  Registration & refreshments

10:30:  Introductions. Professor David Peters & Dr Antonia Wrigley, British Holistic Medical Association

11:00:  Eat-Lancet – is there such a thing as ‘one-size-fit-all’ sustainability? Rob Verkerk, Alliance for Natural Health

11:20:  Food quality. David Thomas

11:40:  Grass Fed Nation – getting back the food we deserve? Graham HarveyAuthor of Grass Fed Nation

12:00:  From Organic Principles to Whole Health Agriculture. Lawrence Woodward, Whole Health Agriculture

12:20:  Q&A & discussions

13:00:  Lunch

14:20:  Nourishing Polycultures. Sara Melendro & Martin Godfrey, Hilltown Organics

14:40:  Real Food and Health: a ‘Root to Stem’ approach to people, plants and nature. Alex Laird, Living Medicine

15:00:  Platters from the past. Anna Parkinson, Writer & Healer

15:20:   Q&A, discussions & leg stretch

15:50:  Nose to Tail Eating: Nutrition and Evolution. Heather Rosa, Institute for Optimum Nutrition

16:10:  Making milk great again. Neil Darwent, Free Range Dairy

16:30:  Afternoon tea break

17:10:  Can we be Rational about Food? Dr Andrew Morrice, General Practitioner

17:30:  Easy answers and complex issues. David Rooke, Harthill Consultancy

18:10:  Granny knew best! Izabella Natrins, Author and Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach

18:30:  Discussions, Q&A and close

19:00:  Feast

20:00:  Film screening – In Our Hands

08:00:  Breakfast

09:00:  Don’t Reinvent the Wheel: Snapshot of Local Food for Good Activity from Bristol to Plymouth. Philip Sharratt, Somerset Local Food

09:20:  The Sustainable Food Story – brief intro. Abi and Sadbh

09:40:  Bringing healthy bread to the land of the deep-fried Mars Bar & The Real Bread Campaign. Andrew Whitley, Bread Matters Ltd

10:00:  Eat Right: Traditional food wisdom to sustain us today. Nick Barnard, Rude Health

10:20:  Q&A, discussions and tea break

10:50:  World Cafe Session 1 (3 x 20 mins).

The topics to be discussed in the World Cafe sessions are not fixed and will be voted for on Saturday. Below are suggestions only. The sessions are designed to encourage free and flowing discussions in small groups. You will have a chance to join three discussion groups in each session.

  • What might a healthy sustainable diet look like?
  • Can we agree on what we mean by ‘Real Food’?
  • What is the bigger picture around food? ‘Soil, Soul, Society’?
  • How can we influence the medical profession?
  • How can we influence the public?
  • How can we influence policy?

11:50:  World Cafe  – Summary of session 1

12:30:  Lunch

13:45:  The Need for Seed. Fred Groom, Vital Seeds

14.05:  Wildlife-friendly farming – Tim Martin

14:30:  World Cafe Session 2 (3 x 15 mins)

  • Food Poverty Solutions?
  • Social Prescribing – ideas and enabling
  • How do we support the farmers to grow Real Food?
  • How do we get more people growing and cooking food?
  • How do we all work together to enable change?
  • How do we move forward with the RF campaign?

15:15:  World Cafe  – Summary of session 2

15:30:  Tea Break

16:00:  Summing it all up and Next Steps


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