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1 review for Integrated health

  1. lingard

    The process of integration of CAM into Mainstream Medicine is a sensitive matter. What can happen when a powerful dominant organization takes in a weaker organization is that the ethos, the mindset, and philosophy of the former overrides the latter. This can result in a loss and damage to the weaker one. An example might be the integration of homoeopathy where a remedy is used as if it were a normal drug without reference to the full picture of the patient eg. Nux Vomica instead of Tagomet for a stomach pain. or in acupuncture choosing points to relieve pain without reference to energy flows, ie. needling v traditional acupuncture. This was the theme of my article in this issue, “Integration or disintegration?”

    • Antonia

      Your article sounds really interesting Michael but I can’t find it in this issue!

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