BHMA Supporter Membership

£37.00 / year

By becoming a member of the BHMA you are joining a like-minded community championing Holistic healthcare practices. We are looking forward to welcoming you.

  • BHMA Membership includes FREE online access to all journals and sound health media.
  • Discounts are available on some of our partner events.
  • And for those members in private holistic practice, Balens insurance offers an affinity scheme which gives you a discount whilst also paying us a small fee – call the Affinities department on 01684 580771 or email and they will send a declaration form.


More information

Would you also like to receive a print copy of our journal?

You can buy this together with membership by choosing the product BHMA membership + print journal

Alternatively you can choose to add the journal subscription at a later date.

One copy, 3/year, costs an additional £20 annually and two copies 3/year to the same address costs £37.50. Postage outside of the UK incurs an additional charge.

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