Practitioner Membership Terms & Conditions

To be listed as a practitioner member and be provided with the badge we (BHMA trustees) need to be confident that you are a practitioner of good standing and that you have a good understanding of holistic practice.

To streamline the process we have created our list of requirements:

The practitioner membership fee will need to be paid before the process of evaluation starts and free access to the course given.

Once submitted, your course evaluation form will be reviewed by one of our trustees and if there is some doubt over the quality of learning and self-reflection this will be discussed with the team. If we feel that the submission does not meet the level expected of our practitioner members we will provide you with some constructive feedback and allow you a couple of months to re-take the course. If we still feel that you are not at the required level then we will transfer you over to our supporter membership.

If you have successfully made our list we will need to ensure continued good standing. At the least we will need ongoing proof of insurance and accreditation annually. We also expect to be made aware of any complaints or other issues which may affect your good standing. If the BHMA receive complaints we will need to be in communication with you and you may be removed from our list.

The use of the BHMA practitioner ‘badge’ is only for those who are currently listed on our site. If it is being used outside of this we will terminate any membership you have with us.

Last updated September 8th 2023