BHMA Poster Competition – 2024

We believe that students and recently qualified doctors and nurses have a uniquely valuable perspective on medical education and we want to give you the opportunity to showcase your ideas at our 40th Anniversary Conference in Bristol, on the theme of:

‘How could medical education be improved?’

We want to hear if you spotted something important missing from your medical education and if you did something about it!

Maybe you got together with other students to co-create ways to fill the learning gaps. Perhaps its been something about personal development, health in the community, nutrition, death and dying, addiction and self-care… projects, initiatives and original research welcome for submission, no matter how small.

Submit an A3 by 12th Sept for a rapid decision about having your project displayed at the BHMA 40th Anniversary Conference in Bristol on October 5th.

Expressions of interest to Professor David Peters by July 24th 2024

Submissions below by September 12th 2024