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Can you remember why you chose to become a health professional? Does it feel like those hopes and aspirations are going to be realised?

Some of these hopes and motivations may be straightforward and easy to share. Others may feel more private and so more difficult to share, especially if the training and the practising processes are disappointing or frustrating in some ways…

Come to a safe and empathetic place to explore with others what you need to do and be to make the most of your potential – both professionally and personally – to become who you would love to be. As part of this there will be healthy delicious food and an environment so that you can relax, unwind and be renewed before returning to the multiple pressures, challenges and demands of your everyday life.

These courses are run by Sandy and Derek, both retired health professionals, one a neonatologist and the other a GP. Both have extensive experience in not just clinical work but of the management of the NHS, education and research.

As one final year medical student said ‘Having the thinking space and time to really explore important issues and, crucially, I think, having the support and guidance of such experienced doctors as Derek and Sandy meant that you would leave on the Sunday, well fed and rested and feeling confident, calm and excited about the road ahead.’ (see testimonials).

The retreat starts on the Friday late afternoon and runs until Sunday 4pm. It consists of great food (!), some mindfulness exercises, stretching/yoga, outdoor physical exercise, and group discussion. Students £20, qualified professionals £40.  For more details/to apply for a place, contact derek1chase@outlook.com


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