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Come and experience some techniques to ease the internal noise. You run your inner narrative. It can be changed.

Making your head a great place to hang out.

Who do we talk to most? Who do we listen to most? Ourselves. What we don’t generally learn growing up, is how to use our imagination to create a healthy inner dialogue. The left brain describes, the right brain depicts. In this session, you will learn techniques to help you ignite your imagination rather than it misfiring (partnered with our trusty coherent 6/6 breath). The brain predicts based on past experience. We can actually edit memory at the hippocampus given memory is not a recording. It is a reassembly. This is especially important when healing from traumatic events. All comes with gentle practise and compassion for oneself. Practise. And all is coming. Consider this a Spring vivifying tonic.

The session will include:

* information on the brain.

*A guided experience with a couple of techniques.

* About15 minutes for Q&A and sharing towards the end of the session


Your Host, Trustee Ciara Jean Roberts, looks forward to welcoming you.

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