Human Nature: resilience and regulation day with Professor David Peters - British Association for Holistic Medicine & Health Care
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Join Weleda for an inspiring day with Professor David Peters, co-founder of Westminster Centre for Resilience and a lead for projects bringing non-pharmaceutical treatments into the NHS.

For 5 million and more years as humans and wild nature evolved side by side, the natural world shaped our form, our feelings and our physiology. Good medicine can re-connect us to a timeless ecological-self that’s written into our DNA.This is why we have a deep connection to healing plants, why ‘forest bathing’ reaches way down into the cells of the body, and why art, movement and meditation can reboot mind and body back to their evolutionary default mode, and relieve the low-level stressed states that underpin so much of modern life’s disease.Our away day together will be journey of reconnection.

Morning – At Weleda Garden Room
9.30am Arrival and drink
10am-11am Entangled in Deep Time
11am-12pm Our three brains
12pm-1pm Heart-brain connection
1pm-1.45pm Lunch (provided)
Afternoon – In the Garden
2pm-4pm Garden tour and
plant observation
4pm-5pm Plant Medicines that regulate
Mind: Avena sativa comp
Heart: Cardiodoron
Gut: Digestodoron

The cost is £60 for the day
with lunch included.




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