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2021 Winter Seminars: Forest Gardening for Well-being; Mind, Body and Ecology Coming Together


  • 4 Wednesday Evenings: 19.30 – 21.00
  • 1-hour speakers/input
  • 30 min breakout room discussion


Seminar 1 (20th January)

Green Social Prescribing and Forest Gardens

Why Forest Gardens are great for well-being. Horticulture therapy, salutogenic effects of green social prescribing. The added benefits of forest gardens within this context.

Sharing experience from practitioners/prescribers.

Seminar 2 (27th January)

‘Healthy’ health environments: using land in healthcare facilities for forest gardens and well-being.

The business case for it: The ‘Why’

Examples of where it’s been done: The ‘How’

Seminar 3 (3rd February)

Designing and Delivering Forest Gardens for Well-Being

Being deliberate about designing for well-being.

Designing for vulnerable people

Designing considerations in a public space.

Seminar 4 (10th February)

Open discussion building on themes drawn out from previous seminars.

This will have a different format, and we will be asking people to let us know what they would bring to discuss if they wish to attend, as we want all attendees to be active participants and contributors!

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