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Coherent Breath Workshop –  Breath for health

An hour to understand and experience the power of your own breath. The great untapped resource.

We all need reminders of our breath. Often!

This hour is for our BHMA community. Just for you. A December decompression.

Engineer, inventor and life scientist Stephen Elliott is credited with giving the name to this self-regulating breath – coherent breath.

On behalf of the BHMA, yoga facilitator and holistic health practioner, Ciara Jean Roberts, shares this simple yet hugely powerful tool with you. Coherent breath. An hour for you. To indeed decompress, turn inwards and learn a tool for improved health.

All the perennial wisdoms refer to the breath as pivotal to health. Where we are now in the neuroscience of this, is so very compelling. Even in the past year alone, the research coming out, including James Nestor’s book released in September,’ Breath. The New Science of a Lost Art’, is creating a great modern body of knowledge for people to draw upon.

And to remember the artfulness of drawing breath.

This session will cover some key benefits of this breath technique.

And importantly include a guided experience of it for yourself. So you can weave it into the daily fabric of your life. As that’s where the magic happens! In our day to day habits.

As Stephen says:

‘Coherent breathing is an evolving science: The current understanding is that benefits are ultimately an outcome of improved brain function via enhanced circulation in the brain, this, and care and feeding of every cell in the body.’


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