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So let’s get started with a quiz used by former trustee Dr Adam Fazakerley with GP trainees.

This quiz is designed to get us thinking about what we know and what we think we know. 

The first three questions were designed to introduce science as an evolving process. Challenging dogmatic, scientific views is essential to get closer to the truth. The more we can understand what’s good for ourselves and for our patients the better healthcare we can provide. 

The next set of questions are taken from Hans Rosling’s book ‘Factfulness‘. He has delivered these questions to all groups of people around the world and often they score worse than random. He explains why this is in the book but humility in the face of our knowledge about the world is essential. Only then can we start to look at new ideas. 

The final set of questions are about understanding how our minds work, how we make decisions and where bias may arise. These questions were adapted from Daniel Kahneman’s book ‘Thinking Fast and Slow‘.

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Approaching this test with focus and determination was key to my performance. I feel confident in the effort I put forth and the application of my knowledge. I firmly believe that tests, regardless of the outcome, present valuable opportunities for personal growth and learning.

Approaching this examination with concentration and resolve was pivotal for my performance. I am assured in the diligence I applied and the utilization of my understanding. I firmly hold that examinations, regardless of the result, offer significant chances for personal development and acquisition of knowledge.

Very brilliant and genius quiz

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