Holism & Holistic Healthcare
Understanding Health
The Holistic Practitioner
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Holistic Healthcare in Practice
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Holism & Holistic Healthcare

The cure of many diseases is unknown to physicians… because they are ignorant of the whole.
For the part can never be well unless the whole is well.


Section Structure & Content

This section is divided into three modules. This first module introduces the section and gets us thinking about the subject.

In the next module we explore holism from a few different perspectives.

The final module first explores a few key concepts that relate to why healthcare may not be as holistic as it might. Then at how holism can be applied to healthcare and to being a practitioner.

This section should take about 2-3hrs to complete, depending on how many of our resources you explore.

Section Learning Aims

  • Explore holism from different angles to get a fundamental understanding of the concept.
  • Introduce some key concepts that underpin the current medical paradigm.
  • Explore how holism can be applied to healthcare and practitioner self development.

What does Holism & Holistic Healthcare mean to you?

Holism can mean different things to different people and in different contexts. We are primarily interested in the context of healthcare. Before we explore further why not take 5 minutes to jot down some of your thoughts, positive and negative, about holism and holistic healthcare. And it may also be helpful to reflect on why we feel healthcare needs to be more holistic.

Take 5 minutes to reflect