Student and Junior Doctor Ambassadors

Junior Doctor Ambassadors

Dr Ryan Eagle BMBS BMedSci

Current roles: Junior doctor working in the NHS

Ryan is a junior doctor working in the South West of England. He graduated from the University of Southampton with his medical degree and Bachelor of Medical Science, for which he undertook research into alcohol’s harm to others. Ryan is a believer in promoting equal access to healthcare and the impact of the individual in society.

Dr Aaron Morjaria BSc MBBS

Current roles: Junior doctor working in the NHS

Aaron is a foundation doctor working in London, currently on general surgery.

“I have joined the bhma as I feel it is important to empower junior doctors with the tools to implement holistic medicine on a daily basis in their work no matter their specialism. I look forward to working with the trustees in the year ahead!”

Student Ambassadors

Anita Bolina BSc

Current roles: Final year Medical Student

Anita is a final year medical student at Imperial College London and holds an intercalated degree in Pharmacology. Through her work as an ambassador, she aims to promote the importance of an integrated approach to medicine within medical schools.

Magathe Guruswamy BSc

Current roles: Medical Student

Magathe is a fourth year Medical Student at the University of Birmingham and holds an intercalated degree in Clinical Anatomy. Her interests include mindfulness meditation and psychological wellbeing, and she strongly believes a compassionate and holistic approach to healthcare is essential. As a BHMA ambassador, she aims to promote holistic care alongside the rest of the team to bring it to the forefront of medical education and practice.

Jared Spencer

Current roles: Food Science and Nutrition Masters Student

“My name is Jared Spencer and I am an International student at the University of Nottingham born and raised in the Caribbean Island of Barbados. I am in my final year pursuing an integrated Masters in Food Science and Nutrition. My main focus is the role food places in the cause, prevention and management of disease which is a part of a holistic approach to chronic illnesses.”

India Barrons

Current roles: Medical Student

I’m a 2nd year medical student from London studying at the University of Bristol. As a BHMA ambassador I aim to promote the importance of holistic healthcare and lifestyle medicine by increasing accessibility of information and awareness of its importance for other students predominantly through boosting the BHMA’s online presence and student outreach on social media.

Lydie Kitenge

Current roles: Medical Student, Widening Participation Officer & Youtuber

“The BHMA ethos resonate greatly with my passion for holistic care. Looking beyond the boundaries of defining individuals according to their physical illnesses has always taught me valuable lessons. Instead of belittling bad health to a single microorganism, holism acknowledges other diverse components that also play a role: environmentally, culturally and through social differences. This amazing role will allow me to create a long-lasting positive impact. It will not just help me with my development as a future healthcare professional, but also in my development as a person within society.”

Usman Raja

Current roles: Medical Student

Usman is a current fourth year medical student at the University of Birmingham. He has a personal interest in medical philosophy, particularly regarding authentic reflection and the existential interplay between doctors and patients. Through his work with the BHMA, he hopes to contribute to the holistic medical education of his fellow students and the practice of patient-centred care.

Melissa Camila Duarte

Current roles: Medical Student

Melissa is a medical student with a passion for nutrition. She is particularly interested in the role of food and supplements on hormonal and psychological health. She combines her interests in psychology, spirituality and religion to explore topics such as wellbeing and personal development. In the future, Melissa plans to use her knowledge to influence public and community healthcare through a holistic approach.