Self-caring – Take Action

Self-care library – Resources on common conditions, with advice on when to see your doctor, simple changes you can make, remedies you can try and classes or types of practitioner that may help. 

Self Care Forum – aims to promote self-care with helpful resources for GP’s and GP practices along with running a conference and promoting ‘Self Care Week’.

Doc Mike Evans on YouTube – some excellent and accessible visual whiteboard lectures on many aspects of health.

Shared Medical Appointments are one way for clinicians to deliver education and lifestyle advice to patients in a group:
RCGP Bright Ideas
Shared Medical Appointments – A Paradigm Shift by Rob Lawson
And more on SMA from The Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine who have successfully used this model

Learn Brief Solution Focussed Therapy to enable you to better help your patients


For ‘practioner self-care’ see our Resilient dimension

What is the single best thing we can do for our health?

Patient ActivationClick image above for the power point on self-management support. 
For other resources on: person-centred care; shared decision making; self-management support and more go to The Health Foundation