“The patient’s treatment begins with the doctor, so to speak.
Only if the doctor knows how to cope with himself and his own problems, will he be able to teach the patient to do the same”

C G Jung, Memories, Dreams and Reflections

Self-care for health practitioners – and our patients

There is a growing awareness that we need to look after ourselves as health care practitioners. How can we look after our patients if we are not well and as importantly how can we encourage our patients to be self-caring if we aren’t doing it ourselves?

It is common in particular for doctors to ignore their own health needs perhaps feeling they need to work harder to help their patients more. Many are suffering from stress, mental health issues and burnout. 

Dr Sam Hazeldine of MedWorld has proposed this statement be added to the Declaration of Geneva

“I WILL CARE FOR MYSELF to care for my patients”


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