Resilience for Healthcare Staff

tree-cliff-750wResilience is extremely important for pressured health care staff. Low resilience in the face of ongoing stress leads to physical and mental health issues and burnout at a personal level. It also leads to us being less able to do our job. When our sympathetic nervous system is over-aroused we are less able to think clearly and we loose our ability to empathise and listen to our patients.

It is imperative that we find the time and space to rest and restore our nervous system. This may be through hobbies and sports, through enjoying the creative arts or spending time in nature. Also throughout a busy day by taking a few moments between patients to breathe and connect to our emotions.

Find out more in the ‘Balanced’, ‘Self-caring’ and ‘Connected’ dimensions

Listen to this excellent RCGP podcast Resilience in General Practice with David Peters, editor of our Journal of Holistic Healthcare which explores the science of resilience, the unique challenges of medical training and of being a GP and raises questions around resilient organisations and practices.


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