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Thomas Moore on ‘A Religion of One’s Own’

Over the moon: Adam Phillips on the happiness myth

Read Dr Remen’s Article ‘The Recovery of the Sacred’
“Recovering the sacred is remembering something we’ve forgotten, something we may have hidden from ourselves. It is about uncovering and discovering the innate wholeness in ourselves and in the world.”

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Live with skillful nonchalance and ceaseless concern
Prajnaparamita Sutra











Suburban Shaman


”Medicine is not just about science. It’s also all about stories, and about the mingling of narratives among doctors, and between them and their patients.”

Cecil Helman is a GP and medical anthropologist



Inadequate standards of care, moral dilemmas, conflict of interests, professional burnout and patient dissatisfaction aren’t separate problems – they all arise from a fundamental fragmentation of the value systems guiding our lives. The solution is a model of healthcare in which professionals and patients work together to cultivate the personal qualities they need to flourish.