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Common Cause Foundation is an independent not for profit organisation. It works to place values that lead people to express concern for community, environment and equality at the heart of our cultural, political and civic institutions.

The Values of Everything George Monbiot – a comment on The Common Cause by Tom Crompton

Why Study Narrative? and Narrative based medicine in an evidence based world by Trish Greenhalgh, BMJ 1999

Beyond evidence-based medicine: bridge-building a medicine of meaning. PubMed 2002

JHH Article Too much diagnosis, not enough art by William House – reflections from the Preventing Overdiagnosis conference

Logotherapy developed by Victor Frankl is founded upon the belief that it is the striving to find a meaning in one’s life that is the primary, most powerful motivating and driving force


Circles of dysfunction

Circles of dysfunction from JHH article The community and the chocolate factory

Myths to live by


Joseph Campbell has written many books on mythology

The Power of Modern Spirituality

Resurgance Intrinsic Values

Many good articles, back copies available.

Common Cause

A wonderful source of understanding about values in everyday life – especially intrinsic vs extrinsic. Also on ‘Frames as a vehicles for promoting values’


As usually understood, professional ethics consists of shared duties and episodic dilemmas. This book rethinks professional ethics to include personal commitments and ideals, including many not mandatory for all members of a profession.
See excerpt from chapter  Integrity and Integration