Holistic – take action

12 ways to be more holistic

  1. Learn to listen
  2. Learn to ask questions without fear of ridicule
          (if something sounds wrong to you, it probably is)
  3. Look for experiences outside your field of work
  4. Read and study disciplines outside your field of work
  5. Mix with people who inspire you
          (even if you disagree with them)
  6. Make things with your hands
  7. Study yourself; write about yourself
          (look for the artist within and embrace imperfection)
  8. Accept change as inevitable
          (but look for its root causes)
  9. Admit mistakes
  10. Smile
         (there’s humour in every predicament)
  11. Understand that we belong to nature
         (not the other way round)
  12. Know that love is the fuel of human life