Holistic – discover

The Human Qualities of Being Holistic:

  1. Compassionate – to yourself and others;
  2. Wise – practising the exercise of judgment leads to knowing when to trust yourself (and when you need help);
  3. Self-caring – if you do not care for yourself you cannot care for others (put your oxygen mask on first!);
  4. Community-minded – the community is the source of health (when unhealthy it requires your help);
  5. Empowered – through being with and working with others; we are all feeble on our own;
  6. Resilient – by being flexible, adaptable, agile and alert in your ways of being;
  7. Meaningful – being aware that we humans all need meaning in our lives; you can help others to find meaning;
  8. Intuitive – knowing we have inside us faculties that are mysterious and wonderful;
  9. Integrated – in a fragmented society we must find ways of making sense of complexity;
  10. Balanced – if you are lopsided you are more likely to fall over, or riding a bicycle means moving the handlebars;
  11. Connected – we are all part-of one another, nature, the world; being part-of entails being responsible-for.



This is not about perfection

– we are all crooked timber.


An ancient oak GR249 James Ward 1769 1859

It is about openness to ourselves and others.