People-powered health – co-creating a new story of health

Dec 2012
Anna Betz

My 30 years of experience working in the public and private sector in health and social care, together with my passion for creating a better world, drew me to the commons movement, where individual, communal, organisational, and social evolution meet. My expertise and passion for building sustainable communities inspire me to co-create with other commoners the ‘commons of health and wellbeing’. I have experience as a workshop leader of living medicine which aims to inspire people to reclaim responsibility for their health through the use of herbs and food.


Keeping well is not just a personal responsibility but a community one as well. Our interconnectedness means our body and our health is not private property. Faced with an information explosion, we also need to collaborate to thrive.The author looks forward to a Commons Roadmap to Sustainable Health to parallel the NHS sustainable development routemap.

First Paragraph

In a commons-based society, relationships and networks that sustain communities will be most highly valued, and users will not be separated from producers. Commons are based on an understanding that we all belong to the earth and not
that the earth belongs to us. As commoners we experience ourselves as stewards of the earth’s resources and treat each other accordingly. There is a recognition that knowledge that is owned and enclosed will die out. The open source movement recognises that knowledge increases, can be updated and made useful when shared freely and continually added to and improved.