Doors close, doors open

Autumn 2014
Michael Dixon

The College of Medicine, of which I am chair, aims to have a new conversation on health and care that goes beyond conventional boundaries. I am also past president of NHS Clinical Commissioners and a leader and advocate of clinical commissioning for 20 years.These two roles merge in my belief that whole person care and an emphasis on generalism is the answer to creating a sustainable health service.


The wheels might be coming off the NHS but this author says ‘good!’ Here he outlines why the current state of the health service can result in a positive outcome and who he thinks the saviours might be.

First Paragraph

Could things be worse? Obesity, diabetes and depression along with most long-term diseases are on the increase along with the number of frail elderly and those with dementia. Our casualty departments and our GP surgeries are full to bursting. Our antibiotics are ceasing to work, staff morale is at an all-time low, every part of the NHS is calling out for more money… and there isn’t any. I used to rather admire a doctor friend, who would answer every litany of woes with a ‘good!’ He would then add some thoughts on the possible action or, if the worst came to the worst, simply say ‘at least things can’t get worse’.