August 2015

This issue provides a holistic view of four topical issues together with hyperlinks to information and evidence sources: 

MIGRATION AND HEALTH – this hard-hitting article looks at some of the root causes of the current huge and often tragic wave of migration towards Europe. We focus on Africa and why the root causes there tend to be ignored in most media.

STATIN NATION II – our review of this startling film which tells you the truth behind the current claims that most of us should be taking statin drugs to save us from heart attacks. If your gut intuition tells you that far fewer people really need to take these drugs, this film will tell you why you are right.

SPEAK UP FOR THE LOVE OF … – brief report from the massive rally and lobby of MPs on 17th June 2015. It was organised by the Climate Coalition including the Climate and Health Council to press for more action on climate change. Nine thousand people from across the UK turned out to support the event. Hyperlink to prize-winning pictures of the day.

THE ANATOMY OF OVERDIAGNOSIS: osteoporosis – this is a conversation about overtreatment of osteoporosis with drugs where lifestyle change would be much preferable and probably more effective.


February 2015

This issue provides a holistic view of three topical issues:

  • The A&E ‘Crisis’ in the NHS, using resilience as a unifying thread, and complexity as an explanatory framework
  • The annual BBC Reith Lectures from Dr Atul Gawande – inspiring and thought-provoking in turns
  • A personal account froma young GP intraining – the realities of life on the front line. 

September 2014

This newsletter has two thought-provoking articles relating what we see and experience in the NHS to holistic healthcare – particularly the medicalisation and institutionalisation of everyday life. The first is about Too Much Diagnosis  – the theme of a major international conference held in Oxford University in mid July 2014. This represents a gathering wave of protest from within the clinical and academic establishments across the developed world. Medics and researchers and many others are saying ‘enough is enough, this must stop!’ If this interests you, do read this article.

The second article provides a holistic view of the tragedy of Ashyer King, the little boy with a brain tumour who was removed by his parents from Southampton General Hospital and taken abroad. They were seeking Proton Beam Therapy which is not available in the UK, though can be funded (and ultimately was funded) by the NHS. Their action unleashed an extraordinary series of events. The story raises a myriad of issues, some of which I explore in the newsletter. The article focuses on underlying national and global issues that are root causes of this and many other tragic situations. View the newsletter here.

We also have another of Fiona Hamilton’s wonderfully oblique poems – let the words wash over you with a shiver!


July 2014

This newsletter is themed on challenges to establishing a more holistic ethos in the NHS by looking at cardiovascular disease, Yoga and stomach surgery for obesity.

We have looked at the struggles within the NHS high command through the issue of Statins and risk of heart disease and stroke in healthy people. We have also looked at attempts to have Yoga practice incorporated into the NHS as a therapy…and the issues this raises. Lastly there are short items on the latest international rankings for health services – UK came out top – and on stomach surgery for obesity. 

March 2014

This newsletter is themed on root causes. The first article takes a holistic look at the common causes of many of our health and social problems. The national media tend not to delve much below the surface our problems, nor do they remind the public of our potential power to change things. However, two recent articles published in The Guardian newspaper point towards the real role that I believe we have as members of the BHMA. Our Association can help its members, and non-members to have the understanding, courage and sense of empowerment to create momentum for deep change.

The second article is about the NHS scheme which plans to transfer most of GP records for practices in England to a government central information centre. The implications for this from the point of view of holistic healthcare are very serious and require action by every patient in England. No one else can stop this. It is a very tangible opportunity to use our power to protect holistic healthcare.